About Carey

Carey is fully committed to help raise the consciousness of the world. Carey came to work for Spirit Calling Productions in 2015.  Born January 5, 2014 in the Land of Mooncrisps and Lollipops, this eternal “Hug Being” was called to planet Earth to assist the Ones Who Forgot in remembering their connection to Self, to Other, to […]

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About SCP

Launched in 2006, Spirit Calling Productions offers products aimed to raise global consciousness, celebrate connection, and claim peace for our planet. With the world so deeply divided – politically, socially, and morally – there was no better time than 2015 to relaunch SCP and offer new products to remind the world of our essential oneness and connection; when […]

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Reminder Shirts

  DID YOU KNOW?  The original We Are ONE shirt began as a simple music band T-shirt in 2006. The We Are ONE message has gained much interest over the years and has since grown into the largest distributed T-shirt by Spirit Calling Productions.

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Around the World

November 2009 marked the beginning of the “We Are One. Around the World” project. We are gathering images of those wearing their We Are One T-shirts around the world, symbolizing our oneness. Do you live outside the USA or are about to travel abroad? Help up reach every country. Email us your images.  

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Latest Posts

In Peru

November 19, 2015 | 5,979 Comments

Spreading the word around the world.

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In Haiti

November 19, 2015 | 5,638 Comments

How inspiring. In Haiti spreading the word. With the world so deeply divided – politically, socially, and morally – there was no…

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