Amy Ellis

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Combining her desire to create and to raise global consciousness of oneness, Amy Ellis was inspired to launch Spirit Calling Productions in 2006.

Born and raised in South Florida, Amy learned of her passion to create while writing her first piano pieces at age six.  After studying music through her primary and secondary years, Amy attended UF and then FSU to study music therapy, composition and education.  Because of the potential film-scoring and commercial music writing opportunities in Central Florida, Amy relocated to Orlando after attending FSU in 1993. She has since written songs and piano works for jazz programs, relaxation & inspirational settings and film, video and radio projects. Her music is published world-wide.

Amy’s career is also strongly rooted in education.  Her career broadened when she accepted a position teaching juvenile offenders English through music composition.  Her love for helping at-risk youth brought her further into the field of prevention and intervention where she ultimately dedicated her career.  Currently, she works at UCF replicating a successful community school model aimed to lift communities out of the grips of poverty.  At these schools, students and families from low-income and under-served communities receive needed services directly on school campuses.

Most important to Amy is creating a global culture where everyone feels honored.  To this end, Amy will continue to create music & products and develop programs & services that inspire peace, connection and oneness.

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